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Friend the Friends of the Bernardsville Library!

October 20, 2019 – October 26, 2019 all-day
Bernardsville Public Library
1 Anderson Hill Road
Bernardsville Public Library
Friend the Friends of the Bernardsville Library! @ Bernardsville Public Library |  |  |

The Friends of the Bernardsville Public Library, the group that does so much to support library programs and enhance collections, will celebrate “National Friends of Libraries Week” from Sunday, October 20 to Saturday, October 26.
Every new friending on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram will translate into one dollar donated to the library for specially selected gifts. Three hundred and fifty new Friends will provide $350 for special signage for children’s area; 700 new Friends will pay for a comfortable chair with a writing surface in the library’s non-fiction wing. If 1,000 new Friends “friend the Friends,” $1,000 will buy both the signage and chair; and if $1,300 is raised this way, a Smart Board will be funded. New ‘friending’ totals will be tracked daily and the levels marked in a special glass container in the library in the central display area for all to see.
The week will be marked in other ways, too. Anyone who comes into the Library can participate in a raffle (there will be one for children and one for adults) by indicating three ways that the Friends support the Library. Balloons and signs throughout the library will provide hints on how supporting the Friends supports the library. Winners, drawn from correct entries, will be announced on October 26. Youth prizes are gift certificates of $35 at Tons of Toys and $15 at Dunkin’; adults can win a $50 gift certificate from The Bookworm and $25 at Starbucks.
We hope many people, young and old, will become Library “Friends” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during National Friends of Libraries Week this month! Your click means a dollar for the Library! And, be sure to tell your friends to ‘friend the Friends’ too!

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